Day #2: Ubiety

Let’s play a game of hide and seek. I’ve got to be somewhere in the world. If I gave you a clue, do you think you could find me? Meet me where we met. Do you remember that about our friendship? I do. I take my friendships very seriously. You told me a secret for the first time against a wall of mailboxes.We started to become friends when you saw me watching Orange is The New Black on my laptop, and had to give me your two cents. That’s your style. I saw you truly panic for the first time next to two rumbling washing machines. The first time I saw you drunk was in your West Village apartment on New Year’s Eve. Cherry liquor will do that to a girl.
You may remember where you shared your first meal with the loser who broke your heart instead of where we shared ours, but we are friends, not lovers. We will share meals and moments again and again.

Cheers to the 100 Day Project,
Michelle Ajodah


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