Day #3: Tenderfoot

Is it fair to be told you don’t know much about life until you’ve been in love? Is it true? I was certainly stepping out of tenderfoot territory in learning varieties of onion, paper good brands, and produce codes. Bananas: 4011 Onion, Vidalia: 4159 Endive/Chicory: 4543 Onion, White: 4663 Apples, Braeburn: 4103 Onion, Yellow: 4665 Ginger Root: 4612 Being a cashier at the local grocery store proved more taxing than it seemed. “Bok Choy,” I said to the bulbous greens a soft-faced woman handed me. Bok Choy: 4545 “I’m surprised you know what that is!” I resisted the urge to tell her it was my job to. “Do I look clueless?” My employee discount was a regular customer in the snack aisles, and I always split two for $7.00 pints of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with my best friend Myriam. “Not clueless, exactly,” she scooped a spoonful of ice cream into her mouth. Ice Cream: Bar Code, Freezer Aisle. Note: scrape frost off bar code to avoid scanning issues. “Then what? Why do people always assume I don’t know anything?” I fished into a bag of pretzels. “It’s because you’ve never had your heart broken,” she popped the spoon out of her mouth. “So?” “So, you’re happy. You seem happy,” she carved circles into the carton.


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